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R.I.P. to my 20's

Hey there! Thanks for RSVP'ing to the all-black, RIP to my 20's party, where you will celebrate with Mercedes upon midnight, when she turns 30!

Unfortunately, due to the unanticipated mount of RSVP's for this event, I have to cancel dinner at 8pm for this evening (unless you are coming from out-of-state).


I will still be having the RIP to my 20's party at my place at 10:30pm...I live in the Atlanta Metro area and have texted you my address below this link...

The dress code remains the same and I will be serving finger food at the party as is still bring your own bottle and if you rolling, bring that too (there will be a smoker's section on my balcony)...I will be providing the mixers and water.

Saturday's Dresscode

Please come dressed in All Black.

(Dinner at 8pm is cancelled)

The dresscode is classy, grown and sexy, funeral-esque. We will be meeting at my place for a  "RIP to my 20's" Party at 10:30pm to bring in my birthday at midnight. I do request that you bring a bottle of your choice (and if you rolling bring that too).

Outfit inspo for Saturday is below...

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